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Parking Lot Lighting in Dallas, Richardson and Plano

Parking lots are an area that many businesses don’t consider. After all, most of your customers won’t spend too much time there, and what’s outside your Dallas, Plano or Richardson business is less important than what’s inside, right?

If you believe this, Kana Electrical LLC is here to prove you couldn’t be more wrong. While Dallas, Richardson or Plano is generally a safe area to live in, not paying attention to your exterior light fixtures in your parking lot can spell disaster for your customers and your business!

Good Parking Lot Lighting Design Makes for Safer Businesses

Did you know that the Department of Justice claims that the single most important environmental design change you can make to reduce crime at your business is to install good lighting? Statistics show that more than 10% of all property crimes occur in parking lots or parking garages. That’s a huge amount.

It can be hard enough running a small business. To have vandalism or theft occur because your parking lot wasn’t well-lit can create a negative reputation for your business that can be hard to shake. Of course, not everything is within your control as a business owner, but taking your commercial lighting into your own hands is a smart move, and can even save you money!

Kana Electrical LLC has over 14 years of experience in the Dallas area, and we’re one of Texas’s premier electrical contractors. We have solutions for your commercial lighting that won’t only make your business safer, but will also lower your electrical bills!

What Makes a Well-Lit Parking Lot? LEDs!

When it comes to commercial parking lot lights, the best choice for any small business is switching to light-emitting diodes, or LEDs.

Compared to older models of commercial parking lot lights, LEDs are brighter, with a more even cast. This means that light reaches more areas of your parking lot, resulting in fewer dark patches. Brighter and better lighting makes for a safer lot, but it’s more attractive too. The light produced by LEDs is more appealing to the eye than previous halogen models.

What not many people know about LEDs is that they can be retrofit into your existing exterior light fixtures. Kana Electrical LLC has years of experience managing parking lot lighting and we’re proud to help our clients manage the switch to more environmentally friendly and safer LEDs.

Not Only Is Your Business Safer, Your Power Bills Go Down

What if we told you that LEDs aren’t only great at making your business parking lot safer, but they also are an energy-efficient lighting source. LEDs consume significantly less power than traditional incandescent or halogen lights. A little investment up-front can go a long way to reducing your power bills for years to come. If your parking lot looks dingy and unappealing, let us a shine a light on your options today. We’re happy to offer no-obligation consulting when you call us today!