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Plano LED Outdoor Lighting

Kana Electrical LLC is now the official Plano LED Outdoor Lighting distributor. We now supply these energy saving lamps to drastically reduce your utility costs whether your lighting needs are exterior or interior. In addition, Kana Electrical can help you make a less expensive change to LED lighting with our patented retrofit kits that instantly turn your current fixtures into ones that accept LED lamps. Choosing LED lighting is a cost saving, energy conservative option with hundreds of rebates and tax saving incentive programs available. Our manufacturer is right here in the United States and meets all "Buy American" requirements. With hundreds of LED applications and low cost conversion, call Mark Kana at Kana Electrical LLC to discuss your specific Plano outdoor lighting needs. Rest assured that choosing LED lighting could quite possibly be the best decision you make in 2012.

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Make the Switch to GREEN Energy

What does LED stand for? LED is the acronym for "light emitting diode". While these are BIG words, it simply means an efficient option for your lighting needs. Do you want to lower your electricity bill? What about that great feeling knowing that you are contributing to the conservation of nonrenewable energy? Our manufacturer has conducted extensive field testing of all their products for efficiency and durability. 89% of the energy presently produced by the United States is nonrenewable energy. By switching to LED lighting, you can rest assured that you are fulfilling your responsibility of going green. Have concerns about your carbon footprint? Click HERE to calculate your household's carbon footprint FREE! Take a GIANT step to reduce, not only your companies' carbon footprint, but lower your personal household's carbon foot by converting to LED lighting for your home.

Cost Saving

LED lamps are the most economical bulbs available. An energy efficient alternative that can save you over 75% on your electrical lighting cost as compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. Both incandescent and Compact Florescent Lamps (CFLs) emit great amounts of energy as heat – 80% to 90%, but not LED lamps. To add to your cost savings, LED lamps last 25 times longer than incandescent lamps according to the U.S. Department of Energy and TWICE as long as (CFLs). Have you been considering switching over to LED lighting? The conversion to our manufacturer's LED lighting is less costly than our competitors as our manufacturer is the only company in the United States to offer custom made retro kits to convert any commercial or industrial HID light fixture to energy efficient solid state lighting (LEDs). We just insert the patented LED lamp kits into existing light fixtures saving you tons of dollars from not having to purchase new fixtures. Our UL LED MH lamp replacement kits for the 70 – 1000w MH lamps are patented. Call Kana Electrical today and ask to speak to one of our Plano LED outdoor lighting specialists.

Tax Savings and Rebates

There are literally hundreds of commercial lighting incentive programs dealing with the conversion to LED solutions. Click HERE to find tax saving and rebate programs to fit your company's criteria. LED lamp and fixture solutions can qualify for rebates in many locations, but the process can be tricky. Do your homework to educate yourself on the current rules and guidelines before deciding the LED lighting system for your upgrade. Because many of these incentive programs have strict requirements for which LED solutions will qualify, it is imperative to make the correct decision. In addition, rebates may also be negotiated using custom programs for areas not offering prescriptive measure for LEDs (prescriptive rebates specifically say which products will qualify for incentives).

LED Applications

LED lighting applications are even more countless than traditional lighting because it is so inexpensive. Some of the LED outdoor applications include lighting for parking lots, roadways, stadiums, billboards, service station canopies, parks, security, warehouses, and the list goes on and on. Today, Architects utilize this type of lighting in greater volume to enhance the breathtaking features of their interior and exterior designs and landscaping. Other interior applications include lighting for atriums, warehouses, parking garages, signage, auditoriums, stages including light shows or just for normal home and office lighting to lower electricity expenses.

Our manufacturer developed the HTS Series for the service station and parking lot industry. This board is used to replace 250 watt to 400 watt HID bulbs using just 78 watts of power. This board is 24v and is powered by conventional AC power sources ranging from 90v to 277v through the use of a constant voltage LED driver. "…(LEDs) are a relatively old technology (1970s) that has advanced from use in numeric displays and indicator lights to a range of new and potential new applications, including exit signs, accent lights, task lights, traffic lights, signage, cove lighting, wall sconces, outdoor lighting and downlighting" according to lightdesignlab.com.

Buy American

These LED lighting systems are patented and comply with the "Buy American" requirements. The American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) also known as the "Buy American Act" became effective February 17, 2009, with the purpose of stimulating the American economy by preserving and creating U.S. jobs. The Act includes a strong emphasis on Buy American. The Buy American Act was created to support sustainable programs, increase jobs and jump start economic activity. The ARRA of 2009 includes a number of regulations to be enforced in Federal government contracts. Among these provisions is Section 1605, entitled "Buy American". Call Mark Kana at Kana Electrical LLC for your free Plano outdoor LED lighting consultation today.